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  • Hi,

    I'm Andy Payne. I am a Personal Trainer based in Brighton (Sussex).  I run Three Pillars of Fitness Personal Training. The Three Pillars are Exercise : Diet and Mind.

    The Pillars were built out of my own journey of weight loss and improved health - I lost 8.5 stone myself!

  • My clients are mainly women, often post natal, over 50 or very unfit. I also work with sufferers of chronic pain.

    The focus at Three Pillars is always to inspire and empower my clients both physically and mentally whilst offering a safe fun environment.
  • Working on the Three Pillars means sustainabilty and growth both in terms of health but also personal growth. 

    I tend to work in my clients homes, as many of them don't like the gym environment or may have other commitments meaning this is the best solution (I also have access to a local gym and a private fitness studio in Hove).

    I deliver 6 small group fitness classes in Woodingdean, Rottingdean and Westdene.

    If you'd like a complimentary consultation or 7 day class pass (no obligation) please get in touch.

    Thanks for reading, Andy :-)
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