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  • We specialize in Estate Planning.  Estate Planning is making sure no mawtter when you pass away your Estate passes to your Beneficiaries in the best way possible, ensuring all plans are practical and protect the Estate from Inheritance Tax, Beneficiaries from divorce and any other social problems.
  • Plan2gether uses the right tool for the right job and specialize in obtaining value for money whilst still accessing leading Barristers and solicitors. MNC members enjoy upt 75% off normal Lasting power of attorney prices
  • Plan2gether also provide financial planning but not products so you can be assured the planning is not biased towards a commission earning product.  When advice about a financial product is needed Plan2gether will introduce you a regulated adviser ( usually an Independent Financial Adviser) to provide the regulated advice whilst remaining in the background to ensure the fees you pay are fair and value for money. We do not give regulated advice and do not sell/advise on regulated products.
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