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  • Identity Therapy
    ...becoming who you truly are and may be through the power of intention. 
    ...resolving p
    ersonal, work, health and       relationship issues. 

    1:1 sessions and workshops
    • Identity Constellations - the Franz Ruppert Intention method. Somatic resonance work.
    • Energy Psychology - EFT with Intention
    • Psychosynthesis Visualisation.
  • I specialise in the effects of pre-birth, birth and infant attachment trauma and survival patterning on who we are: how we relate to others, our family, our health, our work and our life.

    By making this conscious on an energetic level, we release fears, blocks, delusions, insecurities and unhealthy entanglements. Step by step we move into healthier relationships as we see who we truly are, our authenticity and our uniqueness.

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