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  • I am a Wellness Advocate promoting doTERRA pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.
    I am also a qualified teacher educated to Master's Degree who organizes various essential oil educational classes.

    DoTERRA oils are safe and natural, you can even take them internally therefore possibilities of using them are almost limitless.

  • Here are just a few examples of our classes and worshops:
    -back to school class (essential oils and supplements for kids/education/teachers/SEN)
    -cleaning cupboard makeover
    -winter months (seasonal threats and how to protect yourself)
    -spa (oils for beauticians and relaxation)
    -oils and reflexology
    -oils for physiotherapy and massage
    - oils in hair care
    -emotional aromatherapy
    -oils and yoga
    -oils in cooking
    -alternative healthcare

  • Classes can be organized for groups and also on one to one basis.

    To learn more about doTERRA please use this website:
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