WINNER of the Big 5000 design competition

We have a winner! Our judges thought long and hard about the criteria they were judging against and it was a close run thing! Below is a summary of the judges comments and the all important winners line–up! Trumpet fanfare please .......

All the entries were of the very highest standard  and all the shortlisted entries came from within MNC membership. Rozynna Fielding submitted a fabulous patterned entry and made the short list. This is a comment the judge made about this very smart entry.

‘professional and clever and clearly thought out’.

Well done Rozynna and thank-you for taking the time. Karen Lawson was also shortlisted and this is one of the comments our judges made about this Karen’s entry.

‘This one grabbed me and stopped me in my tracks, made me
really dig deep and explore it on a rational and emotional level which the others didn’t. Lovely smiles’.

Some great comments Ladies – thanks for entering.


The very talented Lucy Ames was the prestigious HIGHLY COMMENDED entry and this is what one of our judges had to say about her work

‘It is charming, quirky and very clever and takes me on a journey of exploration with this design which is what impact should be about.‘Absolutely quirky and creative and very, very inspirational. It is fluid, organic, unfettered by sharp corporate lines and glitzy glossy imagery which would be inappropriate for such a friendly and accessible brand. No rigid boxes which again are inappropriate. It has a touch of handmade but you know from the work that has gone into it that it has the hallmarks of a pro. ’

WOW – well done Lucy – we were thrilled with your entry and so very honoured with the time you put into it!


And the winner is …  more volume on those trumpets please ......

Sophie Sheinwald! Sophie take a bow! Here is her entry – we just love it and the collaborative nature of the shoot is fabulous – so MNC ! Sophie will tell you the story behind the shoot here very soon but for now Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look and enjoy!

big 5000

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