Sophie Sheinwald - the Big 5000 design competition winner

Initially I had no intention of entering the competition, but  then I was approached by fellow Mumpreneur, Arbonne consultant, Julie Mann, with "I've got this great idea, would you like to do the photos for it?", and I thought "Why not!"

So with this unexpected project born and the deadline just around the corner, a number of Mumpreneur volunteers were gathered and timetabled in for a photo shoot. Now Julie's idea was to get the Mumpreneurs together and form them into the MNC letters. Off I went to do a bit of research and discovered that dancers do this ABC shape thing rather well in colourful lycra. Now I wasn't working with the agility and adeptness of performers, or indeed lycra, however, I was working with business folk that were up for a bit of fun! I also wanted to show a connection to their business within the composition, so each candidate brought related props. Accountant, Alison Jones brought monopoly money and a calculator, The Clothes Lady, Sarah Greg brought one of her garments, Teresa Hamilton owner of East is East brought some of her home products, Little Fidgets owner, Lucy Amos brought with a sombrero and flags, Julie brought her Arbonne skincare products, but what about Utility Warehouse's Stuart Ritchie?

Admittedly, I did wince at thought of Stuart being photographed with a comprehensive utilities bill, not terribly exciting. Then Sarah and Alison reminded me that the Utility Warehouse logo has a pig in it. The idea was just too good, would Stuart go for a live pig? Well, within just a few hours of contacting him, we had a pig booked in, and a pink one at that, thanks to the kindness of Snakes Harbour farm in Sussex.

I do love photographing animals, dogs, cats, horses etc, but I had never before photographed a pig. On arrival to the farm I thought I'd pop my smartphone on video mode and very lightheartedly filmed the story which can be seen on my blog.

Oh! and the final design? I had initially asked a willing Mumpreneur to help me design 'The Big 5000' part of the postcard, however she got extremely busy. Thankfully I'm married to a talented designer who helped me put my ideas into form!  I wanted to have various businesses in the shape of the 5000 and sponged a bit of expertise to complete the winning postcard!


To all you Mumpreneurs who would like to have a really fun, creative photo shoot please contact me and I will give you a 10% discount on my services including events and any corporate photographic requirements.

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