Thank you for submitting your GEW MNC Pop Up

Thank you for submitting your GEW MNC Pop Up event details.

Your event will be listed soon and we will be in touch.


It is now time for you to sit down and create your own marketing plan, make sure you are doing something every day to create the buzz and traction around your event.

List 20 actions that you will take to spread the word about your event. Here are 8 to get your started:


1 Post on Social media over the coming weeks: what the benefits will be to the customer when they attend your event

2 Create an Facebook event page and invite your contacts

3 Pick up the phone and call 20 people

4 Send an email to all you current customers

5 Speak to your potential customers and invite them along to see you in action!

6 Take part in MNC twitter hours - introduce yourself and post the link to your event

7 Book your October Mumpreneur meetings, hand out your event flyer and post your links on the Facebook local groups afterwards

8 Attend other events and hand out your flyers - Word of Mouth is a very powerful marketing tool.

 Thank you for taking part Pop Up Mumpreneurs!


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