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What is MNC Pop Up month 2017? 

Join MNC Pop Up month giving you a month of marketing support to ensure you can reach a wide range of new customers! Plus, make lots of new connections that will help your business grow.



 What is a Pop Up event?   

It is a one off, time specific, unique event to your business. Pop Ups can include anything from informal gathering in local coffee shop, networking events, inspirational speakers evenings, lunches, taster sessions, showcases, seminars, practical classes or pop up shops and bars.

What is MNC Pop Up Month?

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club (MNC) will be running a Pop Up month in November 2017.The aim is give our members and non-member the opportunity to run their own event under the guidance and support of MNC.  Members and Non-members can run their own event under our popular, well attended Pop-Up campaign.  We will set up a professional event page for your event, take your booking and manage your register. We will assist you in marketing your event across all our social media channels and directly to our groups.

We take the headache out off setting up your event.

What are the key dates for this campaign?

The MNC Pop Up campaign launches July 1st 2017. Bookings close on September 15th. This will allow all events a 6 week lead in time to the launch date on November 1st.

This is our 3rd year of MNC Pop Up! And it’s gone from strength to strength, with over 1000 attendees and events on and offline. Pop up have even been held as far away as Japan, Thailand, Spain & America. How far can we reach in 2017?


Here are the top 10 benefits why your business should run its own Pop Up event:

  1. Open your Business Doors: This is a massive door opening opportunity to welcome potential customers and reconnect with previous customers. Show them what's new in your business and give people a reason to connect with you.
  2. Stand out from the Crowd: This is a unique marketing opportunity, see it as part of your marketing strategy and marketing funnel. Pop Ups are cool and time specific. They create a sense of urgency, think of it as a giant billboard advert to raise your brand awareness!
  3. Create a Buzz: get people talking about you. Share your event on social media and harness the power of word of mouth. Build your online traffic as the event injects energy and razzamatazz around your business.
  4. Kick off New Opportunities: For customers, potential partners, bloggers and press to see the more visible you! Get more subscribers to your newsletter or blog. Consumers and the media love the excitement generated by Pop Up Events & Shops.
  5. Say Hello and Connect: Face to face events allows you to personally get to know your customers. You may get fewer people in the room but you will get a more intense return by forging relationships and building meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.
  6. Sell More: Showcase your expertise knowledge, expertise and passion for your business. Give people a reason to buy into your business!
  7. Test New Markets: Test, trial or launch new products and concepts, create experiences, rather than just pushing products.
  8. Get more Bang for your Bucks: Great return on investment. You will only need one new customer to cover the cost of joining in with our Pop Up campaign. You should be aiming for 40 attendees at your event.
  9. Time to Shine: Launching a Pop Up allows businesses to attach themselves to key moments, dates, themes or events. Pop Ups give businesses the flexibility to launch an event or create an experience for that particular moment.
  10. Effective marketing: Commit early! Confirm details and you can increase the effectiveness of your pop-up event and save considerable time and money.  Make sure you create a budget and identify your objectives as early as possible.


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