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Clear off those cobwebs

It's not all about the spooky this week. It's a great time to start thinking about your 2014 plans and to get ahead with your marketing too!

Ever heard the term 'Christmas in July'? Well in the blogger world this is when I get invited to lots of press events in the hope that I will publish my must have porducts in the lead up to Christmas. The organisers of these events hope that my readers will start creating a Christmas list from that review or spotlight piece.

With the Christmas market already being cornered by most, most businesses appear to spend more focus on that day and then use the time between Christmas and New Year to think about where they want their business to head.

I'm telling you that NOW is the time to dust of those cobwebs that have built up over the past year and take a look at your new year plan now!

First things first though. What can you do to get started?

Write a list of your achievements so far this year and write down 3 things you want to achieve in 2014.

Secondly - think about how you can expand your marketing for a lower cost. You have 2 weeks to book one of the MNC crowdfunding campaign perks which are at a very reasonable price compared to a digital marketing agency. From a Christmas/New Year marketing campaign to a app just for you there really is no reason you can't budget a little bit of money but get maximum impact too.

Thirdly (and this is a hard one) - ask 3 friends to critique for you. Ask them to look at your website, facebook page, twitter account etc. It is free and you can get vital feedback from them. 

Use stats. Learn how to look at your facebook insights and use Likelayzer to analyse your facebook page. This is a great free tool that I use for all my clients on a monthly basis. It gives you simple direction in how you are doing and improvements you can make.

So what are you waiting for Halloween isn't just for the kids. Dust off those cobwebs and get set for 2014. It's time to brush off those ghosts and get straight to success!

This article was written by our Social Media Manager Chelle. Chelle runs a co-op of social media freelancers that specialise in supporting small business online - check out Social Sparkle.
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