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The Manifesto

2015 sees the UK go to the polls. And it's the big one, the one that should count, the one that should change our lives for the better, the one that creates a world where our businesses get support. Well, just in case you feel that this might not be the that one, MNC has joined with Prowess Connect and Erika Watson who have launched 'The Manifesto for Women in Business'. This manifesto calls on all political parties to 'shape meaningful, policies in five key areas.  Leadership , Skills, Childcare, Social Security, Investment and Funding. 

MNC Manager Yvette Ankrah has been instrumental in the drawing up of the Manifesto and she goes on to explain these key areas.  
"We know that since 2008 there has been a huge growth in women setting up their own businesses - they start home based, micro businesses and some go on to become bigger organisations or companies, some stay home based.  However, without the support that has diminished so much since the last election businesses will fail to thrive. Talent and commitment and contributions to the economy that go to waste due to lack of access to support, help and funding."

At MNC we want you to join us and get involved in addressing this. Here are 5 practical ways you can get involved and be part of a movement for change:
  1. Sign up to Prowess Connect.  Join the debate on LinkedIn and contribute.
  2. Pledge your support
  3. Join in the debate, head to the manifesto and pop your support in the comments underneath, spread the word, let your contacts know about your involvement, your chamber of commerce, your local media, your partner business organisations, your networks and encourage them to come on board.
  4. Lobby your MP and the candidates. Send them an email, attach the link to the manifesto ask them what their party is intending to do for women in business. Invite them to meet you.
  5. Use the hashtag - make your support public by using #InvestinWomen2015
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