The Big 5000 Design Competion

Lucy Ames

The Big 5000 Design competition was mentioned at the Putney Mumpreneurs meeting and a little seed of interest became planted in my mind. Not fully committed to entering yet, I found myself lying awake in bed with ideas popping into my head. In particular a string of words was forming. Words that encapsulated everything about Mumpreneurs and what it offers its members; Support, Information Laughter, Energy… So many words came to mind.

I started to gather scraps of images that represented the Mumpreneurs. A clock for the ticking of time during the 2-minute introductions. Petite Lady Penelope in a cerise pink business suit hinted to me of Sara and Nicky combined. And of course, no image could be fully representative of the Mumpreneurs without including kids, heels, cakes and tea!

Finally, I found a 60’s comic strip saying “You look great Cindy, how do you feel?” to which Cindy says “Different! And how!” It absolutely described how I felt about Mumpreneurs. I have noticeably changed in how I do business, and have grown as a woman in business through the experiences gained and people I have met in the Mumpreneur community. I firmly believe that being part of this group with all the information, shared experiences and support does indeed have the power to make people feel Different! And How!

As if to further demonstrate the power of support from this group, my design ended up being a “Mumpreneur collaboration”. When I had finally given up all hope of ever getting the words to wrap around the image, I called on Stacey Church of Lime Pixel for technical help. Stacey took my words and image and put them together brilliantly. I’m so glad she had her “Eureka moment” in the shower when she realized how to do it and kindly called me back!

Lucy Ames
In my business I work as an artist and I supply paintings to individuals and companies. In my one-off pieces, created by commission, I often include imagery, which has meaning to the customer just like the items selected for inclusion in my Mumpreneurs design. It creates a piece of art that is not purely decorative; it is also a trigger for lots of happy memories. Your painting then becomes a talking point instead of just something up on the wall. I have recently completed a painting of Arundel which in itself is a beautiful scene but hidden in the landscape are bits of maps which represent where the owners grew up and now live, there are articles from a 1950’s Sussex Life about the Duke of Norfolk and the Sussex Downs hidden away in the castle walls and a guide to these visual clues is on the back so nothing can be forgotten.

I am always posting images of my paintings and status updates about work in my studio on my Facebook page so you can keep up-to-date with what I am up to at

As you can imagine, most of my work is gained through personal referral and repeat custom so keep spreading the news and please come to visit me at one of my exhibitions. You will always be very welcome and I offer a 10% discount to all Mumpreneurs. For details of forthcoming events and to find out about other offers please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter at

- Lucy Ames

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