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Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs                   




Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs

Discover how to successfully set up and run your dream business in a foreign country is for any entrepreneur who is starting up their own business, especially for those doing so in a foreign country or those who have repatriated and are looking to start afresh. It includes practical advice and real life business stories from entrepreneurs all over the globe. It is also an online community for business owners worldwide to help and support one another and give business or country-specific advice.

"Meghan Fenn and Heidi Walker, two expat entrepreneurs themselves, have done an outstanding job of outlining what it means to be (and what it takes to be) a successful expat entrepreneur. Their book is loaded with practical advice, “nuggets of wisdom” and real world experiences from current small business owners operating outside of their home country. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering launching a small business in a foreign country or any current expat entrepreneur looking for a little motivation. It would make a great holiday or going away present!" - Laura Baker, entrepreneur in Portugal









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