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Advertise with MNC

Sponsor and Advertise with MNC

Local and National businesses can sponsor and advertise across our App, website and meetings to reach a target market of businesses all over the UK, regionally and local business people. Our site can help your business differentiate itself from competitors and develop a relationship with our members and target market of local business owners, and Mumpreneurs.

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club (MNC) works with a few selected partners and can provide exclusivity to sponsorship partners which appeal to members and can maintain the ethos of the MNC brand. Our options cover small to medium budgets as well as offering value for money for businesses with larger budgets who are looking for a more integrated, long term solution.

To advertise on the MNC Business Directory, please click here to purchase a place on the directory.

Home page horizontal banner (rotating 1 of 3) on the home page £600.00


 Advertise on The Mumpreneurs Networking Club Monthly Newsletter


We have 3 advert spaces per month - 2 small and 1 Large


Prices  Small (300x300pixels)     2 months £90.00    4 months £160.00   6 months £210.00   


Large (size on request)   2 months £150.00  4 months £260.00   6 months £330.00


Click here to see where your Logo would be on the Newsletter


All adverts/logos will be hyperlinked to your website, one line listing in Newsletter and have a shout out on our FB and Social Media pages

Click to Book your space

Please forward your logo to Carole 

Logo spec 300 x 300 pixels jpeg format

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before forwarding your payment


Advert on Dates and Locations Page (click here to view page and current adverts)

1. Advert will be located on Dates and Locations page.
2. Choice of location is subject to availability - please email to request one of the locations.
3. Logos will be hyperlinked to the home page of your website (unless otherwise requested by email).
4. Logo spec: Max width 142px, Max height 180px GIF/JPG/PNG. 
5. Please forward your logo to Carole.
6. Please read the Terms and Conditions below before forwarding your payment

Square Banner for 3 months £130.00 

Square Banner for 6 months £225.00

Square Banner 12 months £375.00


Advertise on The Mumpreneurs Phone App

1. On our Rewards tab (one space only)

This tab is seen by everyone that brings along a guest to a meeting.
Please email Nicky for more information

2.  Location Tabs (15 spaces available) 
Please email Nicky for more information



Sponsorship Package (packages vary and can be tailored)

Example - general package over 6 months can include: Banner on events and locations page, listing in business directory, Advert on Phone App, social media promo, Blog entry, newsletter advert - all subject to availability.  Please email Sara for further information.

Advertisment Placement - Terms and Conditions

Paid advertisement will go live for the agreed term, providing the relevant items below are received as applicable:

1. Web banner
2. Logo (low res web ready, no wider than 160 pixels)
3. Required URL and contact details to be provided by all advertisers

Advert will remain live and is not subject to change unless express permission of the MNC is given. This permission is at the discretion of the Directors.

Adverts run will be terminated should the association with the Advertiser be deemed to no longer be in the interest of MNC’s reputation or good name. This will be without prejudice and no monies will be refunded.

Payment of invoice is deemed to be acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for the period of the placement.

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