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Add a splash of tinsel

“Oh no, they want me to dress Christmassy! The panic, the fear, damn it’s that time of year!”

So we have asked that the December meetings be nice and festive which means that many of you will get super excited and plan what to wear. Now of course this comes easy to some of you but for others it can be a real pain.
So here is a quick message that may help you keep it easy.


You can add a simple splash of tinsel to your outfit. For the ladies, you may like to tie some around you. This can be on your hips like I did last year on the above picture - I also had it on my left wrist. One of our members (Brighton member, Stef Sale) came with Reindeer antlers on and because she is a make up artist, she added the make up detail.
The shops are full of accessories, so for ladies and gents it really can be easy. There are badges, light up brooches, headbands with christmas baubles, tinsel, and so many great things in the supermarkets. A simple christmas hat is also ideal as you can easily pop this on at the meeting. You can also use your Christmas outfit, however big or small, in a photo opportunity to wish your customers Happy Christmas.

Chichester manager Dawn Gracie

However, I think as soon as we mention the Christmas meeting, many of you will think of the classic Christmas jumper or festive outfit that you can buy in the high street. Their popularity has really increased over the last couple of years and for me they are a bit like marmite (you love them or hate them).  Let’s face it these are for fun and can look fab!


Here we have Darren Kent wearing his Christmas jumper and looking great! I think as a style coach I know lot’s of women who do not like wearing them as they say it makes them look and feel fat. 

Sound familiar? If this is you, try one of my above tips and stick on some great accessories. You don’t have to wear a jumper or Father Christmas outfit.





Then of course you may recognise this dynamic duo and I think Sara’s expression says it all.

I hope that helps take some of the panic away and also gives you some little ideas.
So look out that tinsel, dust off that Christmas hat, get yourself Christmassy for the fabulous festive December MNC meetings.

Have a great meeting.
Janine Quinn
Brighton MNC Manager and owner of Sassy Style

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