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A Tribute to the Refugee Children of Syria

viv and dove

Mumpreneurs: it's all in the name, it says who we are and what we stand for... and the parent in all of us was horrified at the image of little Aylam Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach recently. Every parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle or foster carer amongst us could identify with the sheer panic felt by the parents of that carefully dressed little boy with the cute haircut. He was loved, his parents wanted a better life for him, yet now his short life and cruel death have come to represent the thousands of other petrified children caught up in conflict and forced to flee their country.

They say if every country in the world stopped spending on armaments for 8 days we could educate every child in the world for 11 years. Wouldn't that be wonderful? As mums, it can seem as though we spend our lives resolving conflict. We teach our children to understand the power of dialogue and compromise. We do it because we want our children to be happy, to thrive and to create something good in the world. We want them to live in peace and for their names to be spoken with pride.

Whatever conflicting reports are circulating about the integrity of Aylan's parents, one thing is for sure: they and all the other parents of refugee children, dead or alive, want the same as we do for their little ones.

I own a White Dove Release business. We regularly release doves at funerals and memorial events since, without a word being spoken, their beauty and graceful flight to freedom symbolizes a changing of perspective and a deepening of love, happiness and togetherness.

I’m attending many MNC meetings in October and after some of them we will be holding a special ceremony of remembrance and releasing doves to honour and, if possible, name, children who have been lost in this conflict. If you would like to take part in a ceremony and release a bird, please get in contact. It is our intention the children be remembered with love and pride, before a release that symbolizes our hope they are now peacefully flying free. Red Cross Refugee Crisis collection buckets will be available to make a donation if anyone would like to do so.


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