Meet The Member: Jess Haslett

Jess Haslett of Health Kinesiology Brighton is a Health Kinesiology and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, working from The Tree of Life Clinic, Portland Road in Hove. She has 10 years of experience as a Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner and works with adults and children of all ages.

Did you find it easy to set up and get started on the road to self employment? What helped you?

I trained in Kinesiology and Advanced Health Kinesiology part time over a number of years while working in a full time job. This was tough sometimes but it was before I had children so I had rather more spare time! After the time and effort needed to successfully qualify I then found it relatively easy to set up in business as self employed and slowly and steadily built up a loyal client base. What helped me most back then was getting editorial write ups in local publications, both health and wellbeing related and more general interest. The editor or journalist would come to me for an HK or EFT session and then write up their experience of the treatment and the benefits they felt as a result. I feel this connected with certain potential clients much more than a basic advert and brought me a good number of new clients who then recommended me to their friends and family. 

What inspires you in your daily business life?

On a day to day basis I am inspired by the power of the body and mind to heal itself when it has the right support. I am constantly motivated by the far reaching effects of HK and EFT and the profound difference complimentary medicine can have on the lives of my clients. Health and wellbeing are crucial to our sense of ourselves and if we do not feel well, or if we feel that we lack balance in our lives, we may struggle to achieve even a fraction of our full potential. HK and EFT allow me to assist clients in a gentle but often powerful way to regain their health and wellbeing. 

Do you have a business or personal motto? What is it and why?

The philosophy of my business is restoring balance to body and mind. Emotional health is so often directly involved with physical health and it is only through addressing both that many people can begin and complete the journey to true wellbeing.

Why did you join the Mumpreneurs Networking Club and what advantages has it had for your business?

I joined Mumpreneurs Networking Club as being self employed can sometimes feel a little isolating and I was looking for a networking club that would be relaxed and friendly to spread the word on HK and EFT, and also to meet like minded people from who's experience and knowledge I could benefit. It has delivered on my hopes already and I have only been to two meetings! 

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Contact details: The Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road, Hove - 01273 220159


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