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Surviving The October Break

Like the majority of working Mums running your own business, you've perfected a routine to make the most of the school/nursery day - so how do you organise and keep focused while the teachers are having a break, without jeopardising your business and losing customers…and while enjoying the time with your children?
Here are our top tips:
1. Don't panic! 
Panicking is the worst thing you can do. School holidays may feel never ending but they aren't really that long in the grand scheme of things and coming up with a contingency plan to dial things down over the holiday period will keep you feeling calm, and will help you relax and enjoy the time with your children. 
2. Work out what's urgent and deal with it
It's important to prioritise as you'll have fewer hours in the day to dedicate to your business. Lists are a great way of prioritising and will help you remain organised and on top of your tasks. Urgent tasks can be dealt with, other tasks can wait.  
3. Utilise time when there might be two adults around
If you have a partner then talk about times when you might be able to get on with work when they are around, such as evenings and weekends. This will help you relax during the day with your children, and means you won't be worrying about when you might get a chance to work. 
4. Ask for help (if you need it)
You might want to totally sign off over the school holidays, or have a business that requires daily interaction with customers. If this is the case perhaps consider hiring a Virtual Assistant for the duration. Virtual Assistants can give you that peace of mind over the holiday period that everything is still continuing, and will give you the break with your family that you deserve. 
5. Social media scheduling platforms
If you don't have the budget for a Virtual Assistant, how about considering a social media scheduling platform? Isn't modern technology is a godsend?! Scheduling platforms such as Buffer, Sprout Social and Hootsuite are fantastic for keeping your social media accounts ticking along without you having to log on daily. Plus they are relatively low cost! Some customer interaction may still be necessary - but this can be prioritised again (see point number two).
6. Be honest with your customers and clients
Let them know your holiday plans (no, we don't mean your exact itinerary). Explain to your customers and clients what will be happening, set yourself a comprehensive out of office, and point towards any FAQ/Information pages you might have available. 
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