Meet The Manager: Claire Bradford

When did you become a manager of MNC and why did you make the leap from member to manager?Claire Bradford

I joined MNC as a member because it was friendly and supportive and the only networking group that met at times convenient to me (ie within school hours!) After being a member for about a year, Sara asked me if I would like to take over as manager, as Meg’s business had taken off in a big way. It was a thriving, happy group thanks to Meg’s hard work  and I was delighted to take the helm.

What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you as a result of MNC?

Meeting the Editor in Chief of the local newspaper series and getting him involved with the MNC by coming and giving a talk to us about getting businesses in the papers. As a result of that connection, Dawn and I became weekly ‘Woman In Business’ columnists for our respective areas’ papers.

If you could describe us in 3 words what would it be?

Fun, friendly, powerful

Tell us about your business.

I started life coaching back in 2002 when nobody knew what coaching was, and really enjoyed the excitement of helping my clients achieve the results they’d wanted but struggled to get on their own. Over the years I’ve been coaching, I have written or contributed to many lifestyle articles for a wide variety of publications, and when I became MNC manager I was often asked about how I went about writing these articles as well as emails, website copy and blogs. This prompted me to expand my business into coaching clients to write their own copy for their websites and blogs, and now I love empowering business people to feel confident expressing themselves in the written word. I work 1:1 and also hold workshops for both life coaching and copy coaching.

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Contact details: 01903 244747 /  07929 764162
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