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Top Holiday Strategy tips!

Top Holiday Strategy tips to keep your business going and still have fun in the sun!

Whether it’s more this     or this                       

You can keep your business going and have a great summer…
1.    MAKE A PLAN                                    
  • Make a list of all the essential things that have to happen or you have to get done during the holidays – see clients/write a report/invoice or pay someone and don’t forget some marketing to keep in touch with your crowd – you don’t want to hit September with tumble weed blowing through your business.
  • Write down the non-essential ‘would like to do’ list – these can be done when you’ve completed the essentials or can be parked until another time!
  • Work out how many hours a day/week do you need?

  • Look at your days and weeks, plan your working slots based on the number of hours you’ve calculated you need.
  • Make your working slots work for you and your family – could you get up earlier and hit the desk so you get a good hour or two in before everyone else wakes up?
  • How about the evenings – can you use an hour there instead of during the day?
  • Colour code the blocks to make it really clear and help you to stick to the timetable
  • Now add the tasks to each slot so you know exactly what you’re doing each day and have the comfort of knowing the important stuff WILL happen!

3.    DROP THE GUILT - you’re doing this for them too and if you work smart you can all win!
  • Set boundaries with your family and children so you can concentrate – agree how long you’ll work and what will happen once you’ve finish – that trip to the park, or water fight in the garden etc.
  • Explain what you’re doing and why you’re working or if they’re too young to understand then just big up what you’ll do later.
  • If you know what you’re doing each day and see progress, you’ll give everyone else the best you, not the stressed you and you won’t feel frustrated!

  • Ask for help from friends, family and the children if they’re old enough
  • Farm out some tasks – use a VA service, get a cleaner, get your shopping delivered
  • Do not try to be Superwoman!

5.    FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS – the final but most important of all!      


  • Stick to the plan as far as is humanly possible – keeping it visible will help
  • In your work slots, eliminate distractions – turn off the mobile and social media –leave the washing etc. till later!
  • Use a timer for short 100% focussed activity – 25-45 minutes is good.
  • Tick each thing off your list and do a little dance or whatever you like to do to celebrate your achievement.
  • When your planned work time is finish – tidy up and leave it ready for the next time. Close the door and go and have fun!
And as for when you’re on holiday, perhaps that’ll be a good time to catch up on all that reading or research you wanted to do. Make it fun, concentrate on each thing, whether work or play with 100% of your attention and you’ll have a much, much better time.

If this isn’t enough and you want to have 100% focussed time, away from everything, to get something completely clear and sorted, then get in touch and we can talk about your very own tailored Walk&Talk VIP day for your success and holiday sanity.

Have an amazing and fruitful summer!

Best Wishes

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