Are you stuck in a rut? Our tips to revitalise your business energy

Running a business is tough. It's 24/7 and holidays are rare… plus you're a busy parent! It's very normal, and understandable, to find yourself stuck in a rut and in need of motivation to revitalise your passion and energy for your business.

Take a break

Nothing productive happens when you're tired. Take a day (or a few days) to relax, turn on your out of office, keep away from technology, and clear your mind. Use the time to regain your energy and open your mind to new ideas. Take a pen and notebook with you to scribble and plan, if you feel inspired. If you don't, then use the time to enjoy your headspace.

Start a journal for ideas

If you can't take a break, how about starting a journal for ideas? You may have tens of ideas a week, but either forget to write them down or just don't have the time to implement them! Starting a bullet journal is a great idea (and is rather trendy right now). There are lots of bullet journal ideas on Pinterest, and it's a fun and creative way to offload your mind.

A fresh pair of eyes

Chatting to someone who isn't involved in the business, like your Other Half or a friend, is a wonderful way to come up with new ideas and get you excited about your business again. A fresh pair of eyes can work magic!

Remember your high points of achievement. 

Do you remember when you were shortlisted for that award and won it? Or the day you took your largest order? How did you feel? Elated? Excited? Over the moon? Remember that feeling and use it to motivate you again. Your business is fantastic, and so are you. 

Inspire yourself 

Motivational words are a great way to inspire yourself - print out some quotes that truly resonate with you and stick them up in your office. Every time you feel your business energy waining, read them. 

Surround yourself with greatness

Surrounding yourself with positive people is a great way to remain motivated and energised. The worst thing is feeling great about a business achievement, only to have it put down by a negative person. 

Squash negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Along with negative people, negative thoughts are terrible for keeping you positive and energised about your business. Flip negative thoughts, by thinking about the situation positively. This will keep you motivated.

Get excited (again)!

Remember that feeling you had when you first started your business? Well, it's time to find it all over again. Revisit your notes from when you first started - why did your field of business excite you? What was it about your business that made you start it? Re-discover that joy and get excited about your company again!

Read about it. 

Reading inspiring stories from your field is a great way to get your motivation (and competitiveness) going. Who says you can't achieve the same?

Reading new publications about your field is also a fantastic way to keep your business ideas fresh and up to date. 

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