Meet The Manager: Yvette Ankrah

Yvette Ankrah is the Director of Ankrah Associates, a company that supports female-led small businesses to achieve their business dreams. One of her focuses is providing support to women struggling with their marketing as they build their empires from their kitchen tables!


When did you become a manager of MNC and why did you make the leap from member to manager?

I became a manager last March but launched in September 2013.  I went straight into being a manager as I am the first branch out in 



What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you as a result of MNC?

I think one of the most exciting things was being able to to organise two round tables with local politicians to get more support for women in business. 


If you could describe us in 3 words what would it be?

Dynamic, empowering and fun


What do you do? Tell us more about your business.

Ankrah Associates provides business coaching and mentoring for micro and small businesses run by women. We provide support and expertise to women that are trying to do everything from their kitchen tables. 


Ankrah Associates can help you with the challenges you face when running your business, especially in the area of marketing.

Get CLARITY on your business vision, Create and achieve your GOALS, Stop feeling OVERWHELMED, Develop a STEP-BY-STEP marketing strategy and Gain KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS to support your business


Find me here:




Members can also contact me for a free strategy session by emailing or calling 07940799807

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