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Apps To Keep You Organised

I love a good app - in both work and home life it can make the world of difference to feeling frazzled or feeling ahead. Here are my tops picks for March.


I use this to save and share work for clients as well as a back up for my clients.

Sprout Social

I keep all the social media accounts the business runs in here. I can tweet/facebook live or scheduled as well as run stats reports.

Facebook Pages

I use pages as a way to separate my personal facebook from the business and blog pages. I’m starting to get more precious about the line between home and work.


This app feeds all my emails into one place and let’s me pop them into lists by timing and dating when I need to action or respond. Then I can file them easily. This has been a life saver.

Focus (timer)

Pick a project, give it a time in minutes and go. Simple as that but affective at helping you stay focussed. If you lose time procrastinating online then this is a must!

Not really an app but I can’t live without my Personal Planner ( You make up your own template with what you need it to have in. If you’ve never found the perfect diary for you then you won’t be disappointed. It’s all in the personalisation.

What helps you stay on track?

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