Pants, Eddie Izzard, Ninjas and SuperHeroes - How to do PR

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The weather may be yukky outside, but Wild Bee PR thought we’d cheer you all up with some sunshine-loaded nuggets of PR gold.

They might just help you to improve your chances in raising your company or organisation's profile in a positive and cost-effective way.

Or they might just make you which case job done.

Work your audience
Tell your punch-line to the right people at the right time in the right place using a language they'll understand.

Eddie Izzard in full drag doing his act in French to a Working Men's Club may not gain as many laughs as he did in Paris - although Celebrity Big Brother’s Jim Davidson would probably go down quite well...

Knowing who your audience is will make your communications more effective by actually reaching the people that you want to hear your messages.

Ask yourself who the 'average' person is that you are trying to reach, how old are they, what gender, where do they live, where do they shop, what magazines and papers do they read, the TV programmes they watch, are they likely to use social media?

Think about the language they use, what interests them? This is true of corporate customers too - what industry magazines are they likely to read, where do they source their information, think about how they would hear about you.

Don't bore the pants off people
Simply telling the world that you have a product or service just doesn't cut the mustard. I'm afraid. You need to have a fresh message or reason for communicating. 

Think about what the readers of the media you are targeting want to see - this is what journalists will print. Often it’s the “est” stories that get picked up; the biggest, smallest, smelliest, tallest.  It’s all about making your story so exciting that it demands attention as soon as it hits the journalist’s inbox.

Talking of inboxes, always take a little time over the subject line of your emails to journalists.  You need to convey an unmissable opportunity in around five words – action words, alliteration (Peter Piper Picked) or words that rhyme often work well.

Be a social media Ninja
Slip in during the hours when people are likely to have time to read tweets and facebook messages (evenings and weekends are good) leave your message stealthily and disappear into the night.

Bombarding your hard won followers several times daily with pointless drivel is counterproductive.  You’ll end up being like an annoying party guest who just won't take the hint and will eventually tire even the most loyal followers so that nothing you say will be read (In fact they may have their fingers in their ears going 'La la la la laaaah, can't hear you!')

Remember that every post must have a clear purpose or story and should be linked closely to your wider communications strategy.  Random musings should be carefully used only when they convey an aspect of your brand (or yourself if you are the brand) that you want to promote.

It's OK, no really it is. Look at your industry superheroes and see what it is that they are doing that makes them so successful. If it's working for them then why can't you do it too?

Keep it real
If you are spending squillions on a launch event, photo call or some kind of media stunt then please don't get too carried away. Make sure you balance the cost against the value you will receive.

Whilst it's great to have your company logo etched into the sky by a stunt plane we would recommend (just for a brief moment) pulling yourself back into the real world and thinking about the benefit that your company gains if no-one from the media turns up…..

We hope these tips will inspire you - please do pass the link onto others who might also find this blog helpful.
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