Three reasons you need HR for your business startup!

Jennie, like most working mums, was struggling to balance working in the city as a HR Business Partner and being a mummy to two boys under three. As she is passionate about her career and the value of HR & the value it brings to commercial businesses, after much consideration she set up her own consultancy to provide flexibility to ‘juggle’ everything…she’s still not sure where that ‘me’ time fits in though. Her set up is simple, BlackRedGreenLTD provides a virtual and onsite full HR management and advice service fitted around your business and people needs – its aim is to enable and assist your business delivery! Jennie has a common sense, honest and most importantly fun approach. She’s always looking for ways to save time and money and still get excellent results….its why she’s banned anyone in the house wearing white clothes then she only ever has a color wash!

Think you don’t need HR? That it’s just a department for big organisations? A policing function? Here is 3 reasons you do.

#1: Legislation! 

Yep we said it, straight into the mundane world of the demands placed on you as an employer. Ask yourself this though, do you know and implement all the legislation required to employ just ONE person in the UK? Sick pay, holiday entitlement, contracts, maternity, paternity, and right to time off for dependents? That is in no way an exhaustive list. A recent client was setting up a LTD company and had no idea the requirements needed to protect themselves as an employer and look after their staff member. BlackRedGreen LTD took this complex work off there hands and the headached that comes with it….they recommended us on our website after helping them, check it out:

#2: Money! 

BlackRedGreenLTD can save you money and can protect your money. Sorry to talk dosh (can we even? I’m British, I’m blushing) The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has undertaken research which shows that the average cost for an employer to defend itself at an employment tribunal is £8,500 whereas the average cost to settle is £5,400. Let us help you avoid this – think it won’t happen to you because you just work with friends? Why take the risk for a price less than that new handbag!

#3: People are key!  

Onto the fun stuff, and what we love….As your business expands its your people who will ensure its survival, retaining them, motivating them and engaging them takes time, takes planning, takes you away from your day job – let us help, Who doesn’t want to create a workforce as determined and focused on your business succeeding as you? We can provide insight into how to do this, from ongoing coaching to a one of phonecall to discuss business ideas.

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