Making Motoring Services Better With Women In Mind

Steph Savill is a Sussex Mum who decided to do something about motoring services after her step-daughter was ripped off by a garage. FOXY Lady Drivers Club now helps women buy, sell and run their family cars, sharing feedback, insider information & moneysaving tips.

How do you, or your partner, know if your new car or garage mechanic is as good as it should be? And who do you turn to when motoring gets stressful? 

When Emma returned from college one Christmas and presented her father with her first garage bill neither of us realised this would change our lives. 'They saw you coming' my husband said as he pointed out a grubby part that hadn't been replaced. 'And that's a remould not a new tyre.'

I reported this to Trading Standards but heard nothing more. Taking this further I discovered that UK garages aren't licensed ie anyone can set one up and that, other than VOSA regulated MOT testers, garage mechanics don't have to be qualified to repair our cars.

Fast forward three years after Emma's garage experience. It's 2005 and I'm poised to launch FOXY Lady Drivers Club (FOXY as in female, shrewd, savvy and discerning...) with no members and few Club services. Somehow we survive... 

Another three years and we launch a new B2B website to identify, vet and monitor genuinely female friendly garages before we promote them to women. They have to meet our quality, value, cleanliness & welcoming standards as well as sign the FOXY Promise 'to never overcharge, patronise or sell us services we don't need.' Despite the recession somehow we survive...

In 2013 the Club operates on a not for profit basis supported by a network of FOXY Lady Approved garages and accident repairers. Soon there'll be a network of used car dealers too and insurance advisers who know where the best deals are in the aftermath of the Gender Directive. In all cases, members rely on us for support when motoring gets stressful or things go wrong – what business isn't going to listen when we threaten to share unresolved complaints with local FOXY Ladies?

I have written this blog after supporting Sara and Nicky's innovative crowdfunding initiative to strengthen the Mumpreneurs Networking Club services. It being near Xmas, if you're struggling with ideas for a motoring mum, gran, sister or daughter why not consider buying her a lifetime subscription gift to FOXY Lady Drivers Club for just £23? If you do this before 18 December we'll even giftwrap it for you, for free. 

Merry Xmas everybody.

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