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If Not Now, When?

Karen Currie is a 51½ year old wife to Ian, mum to Adam, 26, and Tassia, 23, and step-mum to Victoria and Adam. She runs a construction business with Ian during the day and her own business, Princess K Fitness, at every other available opportunity. She is also proud owner (mum) to Poppet, a gorgeous 8 month old Maltese puppy!

No more ‘taking one step back’ when the limelight needs filling – one, fairly shy, woman’s experience of stepping out of her comfort zone; making the decision to live life to the fullest; embracing change; ceasing judgement of herself; enabling and positively encouraging others to do the same.

And maybe, possibly, even growing old just a little disgracefully – here’s hoping!

Hen nights are fun; filled with giggling women, possibly some dancing, a little drinking.. One particular hen night saw me ending the evening having found what was to become my new business; predicting it at that point, would have been laughable to say the least!

Back then, at 45 years old, I had a part-time job running small businesses and enjoyed a little time at the gym. My particular personal issues were mainly regarding body image and a lack of self-confidence. I’m the girl who stays out of the limelight preferring the supporting role.

This particular evening was shared with a group of 20+ youngsters in skimpy mini-dresses and towering heels. I like to glam up as much as the next girly girl but the ‘competition’ was too fierce for my shy persona; these were London city gals and I’m from sleepy Hayling Island.

Our night ended at my ‘son-to-be’ brother-in-law’s London club (Strawberry Moons), we danced and drank, as expected. As it got later we were shepherded to another area - the pole dancing area!

Our night ended at my ‘son-to-be’ brother-in-law’s London club (Strawberry Moons), we danced and drank, as expected. As it got later we were shepherded to another area - the pole dancing area!

What was I to do – I’m the limelight-hating old gal of the group. I was mortified, I don’t do karaoke, let only something like THAT! Suffice to say that I declined to join in.

At home, I berated myself, for another showing of my lack of confidence; a perennial issue that I’d dealt with since my youth!

Reader, you’ll be pleased to hear that this time I decided – If Not Now, When!

Taking the plunge, I attend a local Pole Fitness class – I’d show them that I could at least touch the thing next time!

That was six years ago – fast forward to today ……

I continued those classes, finding the strength and tone benefits great and quite easily achieved. I soon realised that there was a glaring gap in the market for women (and men) like me, without a dance or gymnast background and with a natural reluctance to have a go.

In 2009, I qualified as a Fitness Instructor adding qualifications allowing me to teach Pole Fitness! Princess K Fitness has now been running for over four years with four qualified instructors teaching Pole Fitness, Burlesque and The Stiletto Workout to women (and men) who also want to step out of their comfort zones. We pride ourselves on a non-judgemental atmosphere in classes, celebrating what can be achieved regardless of age, shape, size, flexibility and gender. Our motto is Giggle Yourself Fitter – and we do.

My philosophy now is that life is for living; I lost my wonderful mum before I qualified, she was my constant source of inspiration; it’s for her that I finally took that step out of my comfort zone – she’d love this!

So, by day, I am sensibly suited and booted, but, by night, I have learned, with practice, to become a little more self-confident pushing my own boundaries and helping others to do the same!

Never judge others but, more importantly, never ever judge yourself!

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