How to Make your Relocation a Success

Tips and Advice from Bishop's Move

As many families get ready to move over the longest holidays of the school year, MNC sponsors Bishops Move offer some essential advice to help it all go smoothly.

Successful moves always rely on one thing: meticulous planning – something that most working mums are pretty good at!

However, when you are running a business, and your family, it can be easy to drop the ball when it comes down to managing all the relocation details.  This is why we've put together the following Business Relocation guide to help make your move a success – and even if you work at home, these rules can be applied to managing moving house too.

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1.  Get a Quote

Make sure you get at least 2 quotes from reliable removals companies.  Selecting a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) will ensure that the company you select operates to a high standard of quality and care. Get a Free Quote from Bishop's Move.

2.  Large Office Moves
If you are relocating an entire office, warehouse or factory then it ask the removals company to project manage the entire move. This should ensure a seamless operation from start to finish.  Read our Business Relocation Guide for further advice.

3.  Relocating
If you are relocating employees or being relocated yourself there are a lot of things to consider – especially if your family is relocating too. Housing, schools, doctors all need to be dealt with so ask if your removals company has a Corporate Relocation department to advise you further on this.

4.  Packing
Make life easy on yourself and get your removals company to pack and unpack – it is what they are trained to do after all! However, if you intend to pack yourself, give yourself a few weeks and pack non-essential items first. And if you are moving house with young children - pack the kids toys last.  You can buy packing boxes direct from your local branch.

5.  Stick to Your Normal Routine
Moving is one of the most stressful experiences that you can undertake (after getting divorced) so reduce the stress for yourself and your family by sticking to your normal routine. Children are very quick to pick up on confusion and may also be worried about the move, especially if you are moving far.  Be prepared – read our Moving with Kids guide

6.  Arrival at your New Premises/Home
Set the essentials up first. This might be the TV, the kettle or your computer – all the things that are conveniently distracting. Then, if you have moved house, make unpacking the children's rooms a priority.

7.  The First Meal
Unless you are a Nigella or Delia – forget cooking on the first day and treat yourself to a take-a-way!

For further advice about moving, whether it's relocating your business or moving house, contact your local Bishop's Move. They are the UK's largest family-owned removals and storage company, with over 155 years of experience, and our friendly staff will be happy to help and advise you.

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