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sandra crathern

This month's member's blog is from Sandra Crathern, from Innavision. Here she shares her experience of setting up her business and how coaching helped her.

I have been in business for 7 years now and started my own business at the grand old age of 46! I was a reasonably happy registered Nurse and NEVER dreamed of having my own business.

Circumstances changed dramatically in my work place so much so that I went to speak to a Life Coach friend of ours (funny thing was I did not realise he was a coach). I was, at the time, overweight, smoking, drinking as a relaxant and had really low self esteem, my marriage was not what I really wanted and I felt burnt out.

The LAST thing on my mind was to start a new business, after some months of coaching and discovering his "true identity" I decided I would LOVE to retrain and help others.  By this stage I was a healthy weight, had stopped smoking and drinking and was working towards an honest open loving relationship (which I enjoy today).

For YEARS I wanted nothing more than to join up with this incredible man and do some workshops together, he was the real "brains" and really believed in me so I felt it would be perfect.

Only a few weeks ago he approached me saying he was ready to do the co coaching sessions, I was OVERWHELMED with delight believing now I was "good enough" and could do it with him.

We met for a few weeks to commence the planning and today he came to me saying he was (for personal health reasons) unable to continue with the seminar. At first I felt my world crumble and tears filled my eyes with the thought  that came to my mind "I can't do it without him" I am not good enough, deep down I have never REALLY believed in myself but today for the first time I realised I CAN do these things and I DO believe in myself and my business.

WOW what a wonderful moment to know I am ENOUGH.  I want to encourage others that although it's wonderful if others believe in us, it can be ENOUGH to just believe in yourself.

I LOVE and respect this man more than I can EVER tell you and this legacy he gave me is to help others to believe in themselves, as I have learnt to do the same.

This members blog was brought to you by Sandra at Innavision. 

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