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Diamonds and Champagne!

In a week where the nation was debating the legacy that will belong to the Baroness, whether it will be attaining the top job by smashing the glass ceiling in a world that was totally chauvinistic or whether remembered for shattering the glass, raining shards on the women below then quickly employing a glazier to make it women tight to preserve her  Queen Bee status, there is hope.  Nicky and I found it!

 ‘Her Invitation’ a 6 step coaching program to empower women to take action to improve (mostly already somewhat achieving women) has been piloted and subsequently launched this week! MNC was there to see how this event was perceived at the ultra-glamorous Boodles in Threadneedle Street. Nicky and myself love a bit of serious sparkle and supporting the very well published author (Behind with the Laundry and living off Chocolate) and ‘Her Invitation’ Founder Lynette Allen was obviously going to be our pleasure!  Many years as a successful coaching trainer and 4 bestselling books, Lynette Allen’s professional life has taken up the call to help executives find their voice, speak up and make sure that they are in contenders in their professional life. The contagious energy of Audra Lamoon, who was the organisational force behind the event positively rocked the room and her not inconsiderable partnership used to assist Lynette in what was a truly enjoyable evening.

lynette allen and audra lamoon
champagne for life

Well, what was not to like? The uber stylish girls from 'Champagne for Life' were there and made sure we were registered  for the most innovative, aspirational,  lifestyle App (thank you Audra!). Tom, the welcoming Manager of Boodles and his team with their wealth of knowledge and handy knack of making you feel very at home in £50K+ of gems around your neck. I say ‘at home’, but if I am ever in a position to be modelling the exquisite Raindrop collection again I will not be doing so at home – out, out is where I’ll be!

nicky and sara boodles

It was a lot of fun and now I know far more about the 4 C’s,  essential knowledge if you want to buy a diamond or three.  We networked (in not inconsiderable heels!), listened to Lynette’s passion for her calling and met some amazing Ladies.  We made our Christmas lists, I realise a little early but if Boodles features almost exclusively then a little planning and strategy is going to be required. And very gratifyingly, we lasted (well almost) on our heels until dashing into the teeming rain gratefully on flats.     

Champagne, diamonds and the launch of a program to empower women to find their voices in order to move up the corporate ladder, to the positions that they richly deserve makes for a very happy evening of networking.  So thank you, ‘Champagne For Life’, am currently planning an MNC globe trip to take full advantage of my membership. Livewire Performance Coaching, the guest list was fantastic. Lynette, ‘Her Invitation’ might just change the corporate landscape in my daughter’s lifetime and that means the possibilities are endless - how exciting is that? To the future of ‘Her Invitation’, congrats Lynette!

Sara Guiel -
Director, The Mumpreneurs Networking Club


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