Members Blog: Networking in Style

We all know that first impressions are really important and we asked Janine from Sassy Style to share how you can make a great impression when networking. Here are her thoughts on styling yourself to networking success.

Firstly understand your shape and what you should be wearing. It really makes a huge difference for example what neckline you wear. This is determined by your face and body shape. Once you know this and understand exactly what cut and style of clothes you should be wearing it’s really easy to put an outfit together. This stops you making bad purchases! Have you ever been out and bought something that you thought was great and then you get it home and don’t wear it because something doesn’t’ feel quite right? There is usually a valid reason why that happens!! 

The other key thing is colour. I cannot emphasise how powerful this can be. When you wear the right colours you really look younger, slimmer and feel great. Once you have all this information it makes the whole process of shopping and building a wardrobe really easy. 

My recent client had this done and then we went shopping on a budget of £100.
With outfits from Primark, H&M and Zara. You can network in style too!

This members blog was bought to you by Janine at Sassy Style. If you are a member and would like to guest blog for us please contact

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