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Are you Nuts?!

To celebrate International Womens Day – Sara Guiel MNC Director would like to tell you a story! It’s a story of mad cap activity, mental endurance and taking a flying leap (or a mud fuelled scamble) out of your comfort zone!  

Last weekend Nicky and Sara took part in, to say this challenge is exactly that, would not be putting too finer point on it. Quite fit Nicky and almost fit Me, arrived on Saturday to put our bodies through one of the longest and toughest army assault courses in near freezing conditions.  We had decided to take part  on behalf of MNC member Nic Naish to keep her injury free for her London Marathon challenge.  To say I wasn’t looking forward to it would be an understatement and looking at the finishers (fit twenty something fellas looking like death) when we were lining up for our start I began to realise that my nerves were not unfounded ! Surprisingly and truly gratifyingly there looked to be as many women as men taking part.

nuts 1nuts 3

A gentle jog to start and a few fences to vault lulled us in to a false sense of security! Wading through freezing ‘Hell River’ soon put that right! Very irritatingly Nicky was still singing at this point, that was until we both went under the water as we fell off the rope swing! Half way round,wet, frozen, covered in mud and exhausted there was only one way to go, and that was onwards.  Several freezing, gruelling obstacles later, facing walls to climb over, rope cargo nets that seemed to reach the sky  to clamber up and topple over, bone achingly cold ditches to plunge in and drag ourselves out of we finally neared the end. Every fibre in my body ached , the cold was making me see stars, putting one foot in front of another was a matter of sheer mental grit – physically we were both wrecked. The final swim – I had to swim it could face another bout of loosing my footing and going under (might just have decided not to get up again!)- was possibly the coldest I will ever be. The icy waters just felt like an iron vice around my body, the pain was excruciating and we were both now in tears uncontrollable shaking, body wracking sobs!

nuts 2nuts 4

The final scramble under yet more very heavy netting, face down in the mud,  panicked Nicky enough to get her to the finish. Half an hour later I managed to drag my hypothermic body across the line. Wracking sobs and violent  shaking ensued .   I can’t quite believe I finished , and I still can’t quite believe I agreed to do it! We did it with aplomb, the bruises are visible to prove it , a week on we’re still aching! If you’re ever in doubt about anything , move out of your comfort zone,  embrace it – you’ll never know what you can achieve until you do! Celebrate International Women’s Day by committing to do something you never thought you could – go  on , you might surprise yourself! As for us… Nicky is signing up again. Me? I would rather stick needles in my eyes but I will always have my medal to prove that I did it!!

nuts 5


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