Celebrating International Women's Day

Author and broadcaster Charlie Plunkett kicks off our celebrations of International Women's Day with a blog post written especially for us as part of her mega global blog tour. Thanks Charlie!

Charlie Plunkett wife, mum and author of a ‘true diaries’ series of books about the milestone moments in life.

charlie plunkett
To me International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful things that being a woman entails. I am such a sentimental person that I have made a business of commemorating the milestone moments in a woman’s life including getting married, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  In May I will have been married to my lovely husband for 6 years and it was our love story that first sparked my desire to write and publish a book to capture all those romantic moments leading up to our heartfelt wedding vows. Shortly after our wedding we travelled the somewhat bumpy road to parenthood when I had two miscarriages and then just as we were about to give up I finally was blessed with our gorgeous little boy, Cole. The whole experience of pregnancy and birth has changed me forever and I think in a good way. I now feel so much closer, more connected to other women and my empathy for others has increased as well. Nothing can fully prepare you for motherhood but I have been blessed with some wonderful mother figures in my life to help guide me. I am closer than ever to my own mother and mother-in-law and other important women such as our doula who was with us at Cole’s birth, here at home.

When Cole was around 6 months old I started typing up all of my diaries kept during our wedding and pregnancy. As I celebrated my 40th birthday, just a month after Cole’s first birthday my book 'The True Diary of a Bride-to-be' was published. I continued with these ‘true diaries’ and over the next couple of years published 'The True Diary of a Mum-to-be' a pregnancy companion and 'The True Diary of Baby’s First Year' a mothering companion. All of these books were written as a way of treasuring these special moments in our lives but also for sharing with other women things that I had picked up along the way. Someone recently called me ‘your best friend in book format’ which I love. I am not an expert I’m someone learning on the job and passing on the kindness and advice other women have shared with me. During the sad times when I was struggling with my miscarriages it was women, often total strangers who gave me advice and comfort and as a mum there isn’t a day goes by without me sharing a knowing smile with another woman in the street.

My latest book '100 Little Words on Parenthood' celebrates every aspect of parenthood, even the more tricky ones! 100 contributors all of whom are parents or grandparents have written in exactly 100 words what parenthood means to them here is one of my favourites  that is particularly apt on this International Women’s Day as we celebrate being women and in particular motherhood:

How Motherhood Changes You by Susanne Remic
‘When I became a mum, I inherited superpowers. I now have the ability to hear the cry of my child amongst the sea of others. I now have the ability to feel their pain, fear, joy and happiness. I now have the ability to see right through to their dreams, hopes and desires. I now have the ability to climb mountains, fight monsters and cross oceans to be the mum they need me to be. I now know the true meaning of true and utter love, pain and hope. These are my superpowers – my gift from my children.’

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