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#onamission Teleconference

onamissionteapotPhewee! Technology, nerves and more technology! Today we held our first teleconference as part of our #onamission campaign! Both Nicky and I got up early to make sure we were completely ready and then a small matter of 5 children to get to school, a dog to walk , headphones to source, feedback to quash, coffee to drink and we were just about ready.

We had a script ready, hair combed and last minute instructions to each other – you know the kind of thing, sit up straight, don’t fidget, smile lots and exude positivity! Did we manage, well you can be the judge as soon as our tech wizard (the very patient Martin Burt) works his magic!

The forward thinking women of the UK and hopefully some our new Managers (!) listened in despite storms, electricity issues and general internet wobbles.

Huge thanks to all that made it and if you didn’t get in touch – we’ll send you the link.

Put the kettle on!


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