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Ride the Wave Workshops

My new business – free Ride the Wave workshops

  1. How can I tell if my business idea is a good one?

    This is a great question!  Not every idea is a good one. 
    Often, the first idea you come up with may not be the one you end up turning into a business.  A good idea should meet customers’ needs, be practical, and should not provide an overcomplicated solution.  Whilst you will want to stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure you have a sufficiently sized market to sustain and grow your business.
  2. What are the three main things that stop people turning a great idea into a business? And how can you help?

    I think the biggest hurdle is self-confidence.  People may have a brilliant idea for a business, but lack the confidence to turn that idea into reality.  Training is an excellent way to increase your self-confidence and motivation, as you develop the skills and knowledge to analyse and develop your ideas further.  You also get the chance to network with other people who are in a similar position to you, and can play an important part in developing your self-confidence. In second place, I think lack of funding (or people’s perceived lack of funding) can discourage some from developing their business ideas.  Our training can equip you with the tools to analyse your idea, and write an effective business plan.  That way, should you need to apply for a loan or seek investment, you will be in a better position to do so.  We can also signpost you onto relevant funding organisations and opportunities. 

    Finally, I believe that some people think that starting a business involves a lot of risk-taking.  Whilst this is true, any risk which a person takes when they develop their business should be calculated.  Therefore, if you plan carefully, and analyse your business opportunities thoroughly, you will limit the amount of risk you take, and hopefully turn a great idea into a great business!
  3. How do I know if one of these sessions is right for me?

    There are two FREE Ride the Wave sessions for start-up businesses:

    Preparing for Lift-Off is a half-day workshop aimed at those who have an idea for a business, but have not yet started trading.  People who attend this workshop will be able to work out whether their business ideas are worth pursuing, and will find out what are the next steps which they can take, if they wish to turn their ideas into reality.

    All Systems Go is a full-day workshop which is aimed at those who have been in business for the last 12 to 24 months.  This workshop gives you the opportunity to reflect on how things have turned out compared to your original plans, and also provides you with the tools to become more competitive and profitable. 

    To book your place
    Preparing for lift-off on 22nd January
    Venue: BMECP

    All systems go on 30th January
    Venue: BMECP 

    Or call 01273 719097

Written by Clare Griffiths, Think Innovate Change

Ride the Wave is a FREE business support programme funded by Brighton and Hove City Council and delivered by Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce.
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