Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week, eh?

I have had an amazing year both personally and professionally growing the social media side of my business! I admit it has been a challenge running a global company with a 7 hour time difference – but I firmly believe that nothing worth having is easy.

When I arrived in England, I needed a flexible work schedule to support the 50/50 shared custody agreement with my children (in Canada) and had to give up my demanding career! I decided to diversify and use my skills toward something I am passionate about. I set up my own company specialising in providing Social Media Solutions, Management and Coaching for businesses. In this time I have provided numerous training and coaching sessions on Social Media including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, both in management and how the use of these tools can benefit their business. I have also built a portfolio of clients in both England and Canada including The Mumpreneurs Networking Club, one of the largest networking clubs for business women in England.

I am equally passionate about helping business women make connections. I firmly believe you can spend all day marketing and networking online, but without the face to face connections, businesses cannot be truly successful at social media. It all comes full circle – make connections online and meet face to face. This is why becoming Shoreham Manager of MNC was a great way to support my business and demonstrate to my clients that I ‘walk the talk.’ I had to completely step out of my comfort zone to take on this role as it is not something I am comfortable with and being new to England, I did not have any friends or contacts that many of the other women/managers had.

I have to say, becoming an entrepreneur has been the biggest step out of my comfort zone to date and it takes a lot of tenacity and strong will to stick with it. However, it has been worth every moment and I have met some amazing women who continue to inspire me on a daily basis! I want to wish you all a very happy and successful Global Entrepreneur Week and look forward to seeing you all soon!

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