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The Big 5000 ! Updated

The Big 5000 !


Where to start? There is so much going on it’s difficult to know but start we must, as 5000 visits is a huge achievement and we are in the mood to celebrate! The members of The Mumpreneurs Networking Club have been generously donating their time to ‘The Big 5000’. Mentoring, coaching, a skill, a service, all have been banked in The Big 5000 account ready to roll out over the next year when we’ve finally identified the recipients of the minutes . Those recipients could be very young mums who need an inspirational story to start their business journey , they could be an ex-offender who needs a logo designed to launch her business. Or a recovering addict that just needs to know that there are other women out there doing it for themselves and facing daily challenges together.

Why are our members doing this? They are doing it to get involved, to celebrate and acknowledge that support and sharing really does develop businesses – and because they are a very generous bunch! We’ll be publishing the names and businesses that make up our Donators List so you too, can appreciate the breadth and depth of the experience on offer. And then there’ll be the interviews and the guest blogs from our Donators so we can all get to know more about these forward thinking, altruistic business Ladies and Gents. We’ll learn a bit about their motivation and the work they do.

Our Big 5000 Project is a celebration and the start of some exciting times for MNC. This week we have all our Big 5000 design competition entries at the judging panel, such high quality entries from our creative members – all very exciting! We’ll formally introduce the Judges to you too – a pretty talented bunch themselves, best-selling authors, radio presenters, business women , Magazine Editor’s - the suspense is palpable at MNC HQ! We’ll have a winner for you soon.

The final countdown to our 5000th visit was really rather nailbiting – we knew we’d do it, we just weren’t expecting it so soon despite meticulous number crunching by our resident Stats Monitor! So we’ve started , designs at the Judging panel, Donators all accounted for and the 5000th visit fulfilled to start us on a year of celebrations! Wonder how soon we’ll hit the next 5000?


Co-founder & Director MNC

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